All About Protein Shakes

protein shakesProtein shakes have become a common part of keeping in shape these days and are seen as a real benefit for athletes, bodybuilders and those looking to stay in shape. In the past they were commonly associated with people looking to build major muscle and not seen for the advantage they can have for regular people just like you and me. Whether you are looking to gain muscle, keep lean or generally stay in shape, protein shakes are a great way to give you the protein you need, when you need it!

Protein is the only macro nutrient which the body needs for the growth of muscle tissues and fibres. When Protein is metabolised it is a vital source for contribution and growth of lean muscle mass and helps maintain both the muscle and bones. Using a quality protein powder sold by many of the leading online suppliers found on this site, can really help assist you in your lifestyle goals and aims. There are many protein shake mixtures available which can help in building muscle, weight loss and offering protein release throughout the day and night.

There are still many misconceptions about taking protein shakes or protein powder in general. Many people believe that they are in some way “Steroids”. But far from that protein shakes are natural and have absolutely no influence on your hormones. You must also distinguish protein shakes from mass gainers which are an aid for “bulking up” which contain large amounts of carbohydrates compared to protein powder. Protein shakes deliver amino acids to the muscles.

Why and when do we need Protein?

Whey Protein is predominantly used as another source of daily protein. Used at the correct times it can aid the repair of muscle tissues that occur when exercising or lifting weights. At around 15-20 minutes after exercising your muscles look for protein to help aid the repair, which is why the main benefits of protein shakes is seen when taking after a workout. The longer it is left after a workout the lesser the effect on repairing your muscle (and building it).

Getting the right amount of protein in your diet is crucial. Too much intake can result in fat weight gain as well as delivery to your muscles, whereas not enough and you won’t really see any improvements. Many suggest that around 0.55g of protein per kg of your bodyweight after a workout is about right to build muscle. Aim to take around 1.4-1.7g per kg of your weight a day without going over more than three servings. Most people take protein twice daily as a rule of thumb. This can be increased to 2-2.5g when regularly exercising and trying to build muscle.

There was a study carried out by the Journal Of International Society of Sports Nutrition which found that those who consumed whey protein powder after exercising had improved blood flow to their forearms which in turn helped the delivery of muscle building nutrients to these areas. The anabolic effect of lifting weights is also increased with the correct consumption of protein due to the amino acids being sent to your muscle tissue.

Why should you take Protein Shakes?

If you are not getting enough protein in your diet to make gains when exercising and working out then Protein Shakes can be the perfect solution. You can work out all you want, but without enough protein in your daily diet your muscles are going to find it harder to repair and grow. There is protein found in many foods such as fish, meat, eggs and milk which you can add to your diet, but Whey Protein in your shakes can help deliver a convenient boost when needed, quickly and easily. Oh and with so many flavours to pick from they taste great! A shake is also the perfect way to get protein into your system directly after a workout.

Muscle Gain

Consuming protein regularly as part of your daily workouts and routine really helps aid the maintenance and growth of muscle. Taking throughout the day or after workouts provides your muscle with all important amino acids which will create an anabolic environment to help promote muscle growth throughout the body. There are many protein powders available to use as a shake which will help you meet your individual requirements.


Using Protein Shakes with recovery of your muscles is a very important part of achieving your goals. For the muscles to repair properly a positive nitrogen balance is required which is only met when the correct amounts of protein is consumed. With protein powder in shakes you can consume the correct amounts of protein throughout the day to ensure that the correct nitrogen balance is maintained to help aid muscle repair. Many opt to have a protein shake before Bed and there are also specially formulated powders for Recovery.