Beginner’s Guide to Using Protein Powder

using protein powderIt is fast becoming the norm to see those in the gym and indeed everyday life using some form of protein supplement. From snacking on protein bars and adding to meals, through to using protein powder down the gym or at home. Protein is so readily available now online, not only at great prices but in forms and flavours that suit all needs.

Many of the leading suppliers of protein powder offer the powder in not only standard flavours, but many amazing flavours that have people easily consuming it which gets rid of the preconception that you need to force it down! With snacks including bars, cookies, malt balls and even ice cream, everyone can add protein to their diets easily with minimal fuss. Available from many different sources from whey to pea to soy there are powders to suit even vegans and vegetarians.

Gone are the days when you are expected to be a highly trained athlete or muscle man to warrant using protein. Normal people, leading normal lives can add extra protein to their diet, before and after working out as part of a healthier way of reaching their goals. Protein in its powder form can be added to recipes, as well as made into delicious smoothies and milkshakes. You may have seen the shaker bottles, but you can also use smoothie blenders as an easier alternative.

When to take protein?

Many see the most important time to taking protein supplements right after a workout. Your muscles are seen as a sponge which needed instant nutrition for the growth and muscle recovery. After a heavy workout or exercise blend up a nice protein smoothie or milkshake with your favourite protein powder.

Many also recommend having one right before bed. There are certain blends of protein powder which contain certain formulas perfect for using before you sleep. You sleep about 6 to 9 hours which is a time where your body is missing out on protein, so this could be the perfect time to consume it. Following on from this some decide to have protein when they first wake.

As well as using protein as a post workout supplement you can also use it before you work out. Known as setting the “anabolic window” before you start working out it can help provide your muscles with the correct nutrition leading to less severe effects of weight training.

Things to keep in mind when buying Protein

Try and buy a pure protein powder, if possible containing 100% whey protein. You can buy cheaper varients which contain 80% or 90%, but the main thing is to try and find a powder which will give you enough protein intake with minimal “other stuff” contained within it. Look at the amount of carbs, sugars, sodium, fat and calories within the formula and try and pick a blend that is as low in these as possible.

Pick a flavour that you like. If you enjoy drinking certain flavours then this will help you stick to your regime. Many powders come in standard flavours such as chocolate, banana, vanilla and strawberry but also in some other weird and wonderful flavours that you may love!

Remember you can also buy protein snacks such as cookies, brownies, muffins and also ready made meals and food which can also help to increase your protein intake. It may be that you prefer this rather than having to carry around and create protein shakes with powder. Snacks are also great for putting in your bag and having at the gym, work or just out and about!

Buy in bulk whenever possible. By combining bulk purchases with discount codes found on this site you can get your protein as cheap as possible. We normally buy a big sack of our favoured flavoured protein which will not only save money over the months but is far more convenient without having to make multiple orders.

Save Money using Discount Codes

Like anything you buy online you can save so much money on your protein by using discount codes. We have codes and deals listed for the majority of online suppliers with regularly updated discount codes for each. Many of the leading companies have these running regularly so it is worth checking back before making your order to either save a percentage on your whole order, buy 1 get 1 free or receive free gifts with certain types of orders. If you buy protein on a regular basis then the savings you can make are fantastic!