Finding the BEST MuscleFood Discount Codes and Offers!

latest musclefood discount codes

Today we talk about making the most out of the many discount codes and offers that are available on the internet for the ever popular MuscleFood! Over the years MuscleFood has become a brand that has taken the fitness world by storm, offering amazing lean meat hampers, chicken, steaks, exotic meats through to pizzas and even beer!

musclefood discount codes

Making the most out of available vouchers and offers

MuscleFood regularly put out new deals on a weekly basis, some of which are relatively common and some that are super exclusive! We showcase all the latest and greatest MuscleFood Discount Codes here on our site, which has become one of the leading places on the net to find your codes!

The types of offers available at any one time can be broken down into a few types:

  • Hamper Deals – They regularly offer seasonal and themed hampers at any one time. For example American Style BBQ hampers, through to special bundles for the current month which offer a highly reduced discount at the time of purchase. MuscleFood love to mix things up and are always coming out with new hamper offers and selections, which although are often coded can sometimes be uncoded (great for combining with a code, more of this later!)
  • Bulk Chicken Deals – Chicken breasts are one of MuscleFoods hottest sellers and they often run deals on 5kg and 2.5kg quantities, whether it’s a reduction in price, or a buy 1 get 1 free. It is worth checking our site for this as we normally have some form of chicken offer running. This offer will always be in the form of a discount code applied at checkout.
  • Cheap Mince – How does 400g of lean mince sound for 99p a pack? Well this offer is often found here on our site and is VERY popular. You can normaly buy up to 5 packs at this price and between you and me they are sometimes known to drop the price even further to 95p! If mince is your thing then this is one to keep an eye out for whenever you order!
  • Hache Steaks – Another popular seller for MuscleFood and rightly so! These delicious steaks can be picked up using one of our codes currently in the form of Buy 2 get 4 FREE. In other words 6 hache steaks for the price of 2! I am not going to lie, this is my personal favourite of the lot and one I add to my regular order.
  • General Lean Meat Deals – MuscleFood are often bundling certain types of high quality meats together at fantastic prices which can be taken advantage of depending on when they come up. These offers can be a mixture of coded and uncoded deals.
  • Protein Snacks – Sometimes we spot deals on protein bars and other snacks that we list on our site. This is normally in the form of certain varieties and flavours of bars which allows you to pick some extra up for free with your order.
  • FREEBIES! – Sometimes we can offer Free MuscleFood T-Shirts or other random products such as protein pizzas, snacks and even meats. These can be added on to your normal order at the time of checkout. When these come up you will be the first to know on this site or our social media!
  • Money Off – From time to time we can offer a straight £5 discount code off of all orders. Handy if you are not looking for discount on a certain product or hampers. It is worth noting that this is a great one for combining with uncoded hamper offers etc!

Combining Uncoded Deals with Discount Codes

One of the tricks that people often miss is maximising your saving by combing discount code offers with uncoded deals. For example, there are some hamper deals available which require no voucher code at all. A big enough saving by itself, but combine that with a freebie code, or a code to save on another product and the savings can really stack up. If you are clever you can look through the products every time you order and combine them in a way that creates the most discount depending on the available deals and discount codes at that time.

combine offers

Creating a recurring order can lock in the discounted prices

When you order a discounted item such as a hamper, if you wish you can choose a frequency of every 4 or 8 weeks to lock in the discounted price. This allows you to lock the price of one of your favourite discounted hampers for months to come and also helps you to stick to your meal plan.

This is not a subscription and you can add new offers, edit the order or even delete the discounted hamper up to 48 hours before it is set to be dispatched. MuscleFood will send you a reminded of the locked in products the week of your order in case you have changed your mind.

order frequency

Make sure to use your loyalty points

Over time you will start to earn loyalty points on all your orders. These can of course be combined with any of the deals or voucher codes on your current order. Depending on how many loyalty points you have saved you can add even more free stuff to your order. Spend them wisely to get the most out of your order as there are only certain products available to claim them against. You can find what is available once you are logged in and checking out.

loyalty point gifts

New To MuscleFood? There is a Mega Hamper available just for you

If you are a new customer to MuscleFood you can pick up their specialy made New Customer Super Lean Selection which is just £75 including free delivery for a wide range of delicious products that will allow you to enjoy much of what MuscleFood has to offer. This hamper really does pack a hard punch and also currently comes with recently updated free products, such as the new Live Clean ready meals, protein pizza and other popular products ON TOP of all the lean meats in the hamper!

new customer hamper

Weekly Specials

Each week MuscleFood has new Weekly Deals that can be added to the cart along with your normal order. Again providing you with more uncoded savings. They normally have around 20 items in the weekly specials section which regularly change and offer you something new to try out every time you order.

weekly specials

Clearance Items

Highly discounted products can be found in the Clearance Section of MuscleFood with some items costing as little as 60p. Even the more substantial products have stupidly low prices. You will find a wide seletion of short dated and past best before date products as well as general supplement and food/snack clearances. This section is also home to discounted clothing items which may be worth having a look through.

clearance items

And finally… Saving on the price of delivery!

Shhhhhhhh! Have you not noticed that you can save a quid on delivery? After all when you’re trying to save as much as possible every penny counts! As standard the delivery service is set at DPD with SMS Alerts at £4.95. Although a fantastic service if you use the top down menu you can select Standard Delivery at £3.95. Perfect for those not in any major hurry or requiring the SMS alerts.

cheaper delivery

How much did you save?

We really hope that these MuscleFood Discount Code Tips have helped save you even more money. Once you get the hang of ordering in combination with the offers on our site you can really make some substantial savings. If you are a regular buyer then over the course of a year the savings can really mount up allowing you to spend your hard earned money on other products and reach your goals faster!

latest musclefood discount codes