Myprotein Hurricane XS Review

myprotein hurricane xsHurricane XS is an “all in one” supplement from Myprotein. For those that are in need of a combination of your daily essentials all mixed into a protein shake, then this really does the job! It contains all your protein, carbs (dextrose and instantOats), creatine and glutamine which make it the ideal solution for those who don’t want to take each individually. It is also a great alternative to Maximuscle’s top selling Cyclone product.

This formula is ideal for those involved in intense physical activity such as body building and many high intensity sports. Using after a workout provides you with the protein and carbohydrates your body desperately needs. Through Scottish oats you get your slow digesting carbs and a mixture of whey protein isolate and concentrate provides the correct protein levels for building lean muscle.

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How does it taste?

Many argue that this products taste is not the best when it comes to protein supplements. We would agree that it has quite a powdery texture and is sickly to consume, but the product is so good and delivers everything you need, so getting the taste PERFECT is quite difficult for the suppliers. In fact we think they have done a very good job. To help you get it down your throat Myprotein have kindly provided you with 28 different flavours to pick from. As we have come to expect from these guys they do not let you down with choice. Anyone for a Stracciatella Hurricane XS Shake???

In summary although it is not the tastiest of supplements, it does the job very well and in our opinion tastes as good as you can get for such an all in one mixture. With the large range of flavours many of you won’t be complaining. Mix well and enjoy as a delicious milkshake!

What does it cost?

The Hurricane XS in many ways is like the Cyclone, but cheaper! It comes in at almost half the price and comes with similar ingredients. Remember with Myprotein the bigger you buy, the cheaper the cost of your powder. You can buy this in 2.5kg or 5kg and there are often Myprotein Discount Codes to use against your purchase. This product is a great, fair priced all in one supplement, which is just part of the reason why it is one of the bestselling products on offer.