Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Review

myprotein impact whey proteinWhen it comes to Protein supplements Myprotein have long been the leaders of the market, which is helped by their flagship product Impact Whey Protein, which at the time of writing is actually UK’s #1 Premium Whey Protein. If you are looking for great quality, great tasting whey protein at an affordable price then this product comes highly recommended! Tried and tested by newbies and seasoned pros alike, the protein offering from Myprotein is a fantastic option for everyone.

It comes in over 55 mouth-watering flavours, from your standard “milk shake” type flavours through to some truly weird and wonderful variations like Rhubarb and custard, Jam Roly Poly and Lemon cheese cake to name a few!

This product contains premium quality whey protein concentrate and is a fast digesting protein perfect for pre and post workouts, as well as a supplement between meals and before bed. It provides 82g of protein per 100g and is available in different size pouches, 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg. The bigger pouch you order the cheaper it becomes and they also often have a range of deals and discount codes when purchasing multiple quantities.

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How does it taste?

Great as a shake or smoothie, these flavours work great with milk and can be shaken to a great consistency with very little clumps of protein. I usually run it through a smoothie blender and the result is better than a normal milkshake. With the flavoured version there is no weird after taste and it goes down really well. I currently use the natural chocolate version, which is probably a bit “safe” compared to the multitude of other flavours that they have on offer, but we have tested some others and they all taste great.

Pick a flavour that you love and see how you get on. For the more daring there are a whole host of whacky and outrageous flavours which you may love or hate! They do offer some tester packs if you are looking to try first, but this does not cover the whole range of flavours. If you are looking for the cheapest version or are not fussed when it comes to flavour, you may want to opt for the unflavoured version, which tastes ok.

Value for Money

This product is one of the cheapest on the market for such a quality product. You can buy it in 1kg bags or save with the bigger versions up to 5kg. Try out some 1kg bags at first and see how you get on, once you know what you want and which flavour then we highly recommend buying in the 5kg bags. Not only does this cut down your costs, but you have to order less frequently and can save on the time and postage of reordering!

When you compare it to the price of high street versions you do wonder why you never visited Myprotein before. As said above you can further reduce the cost by opting for the unflavoured version, but this really is not for everyone… For price and quality we don’t think much can beat Myprotein Impact Whey Protein, which is probably why this exact product has become the UKs leading protein powder. For further discounts make sure to check out our Myprotein Voucher Codes section before placing your order!