Protein Boosted Wheat Biscuits Protibrick From Fuel Your 10K Hours

There is a new alternative wheat biscuit breakfast product hitting the shelves in all major super markets around the UK including Asda and Tesco. Protibricks contain more protein, have a larger surface area and are 100% wholegrain.

They are priced very competitively to everyone’s usual favourite, which certainly makes them well worth checking out!protibrick

The Fuel Your 10K Hours brand first launched in 2012 with chunky granola and has since started rolling out more breakfast related products including porridge and drinks.

The Protibrick is the first ever protein increased wheat biscuit which is hoping to attract those with an appetite for added protein in their daily routines.

Each serving of 100% Wholegrain Protibricks (40g) contains 6.3g of protein, 4.4g of fibre and is low in fat and sugar. Created with square edges rather than rounded the wheat biscuits help you keep fuller for longer.