Protein Dynamix Dynabar Review

protein-dynamix-dynabarThe Dynabar from Protein Dynamix has to be one of the best protein bars we have recently had the pleasure of trying. With many protein bars you come to expect the usual protein taste and hard to chew texture, but we found with this bar that it actually tastes like a really decent chocolate bar!

On opening the box of 12 protein bars, you will first notice the sheer size of each of these bars. They are gigantic! One of these bad boys is sure enough to conquer your craving for something sweet, while providing you with the extra intake of protein you need.

The Dynabar is unique in size, texture and taste compared to the majority of bars on the market which made it really exciting to try.



Currently this bar only comes in one flavour, which may be seen as a downside to some buyers. The flavour is a very tasty chocolate vanilla crunch which we are pretty sure that most people will really enjoy. In fact it is very similar in taste to a few of the popular chocolate bars you find in the shop, but with the added bonus of 20g of protein!

In The box

The bars are available as a single box of 12 or 2 boxes (total of 24) at a highly reduced rate. There is always some kind of Protein Dynamix Discount Code available here on the site to use against your order which will further reduce how much they cost! Recently they also introduced the option to buy a single bar which is great for those who are looking to try it out and we recommend adding it to your existing order.


We found this bar to offer a decent macro profile, with as mentioned 20g of protein, 25g carbs, 15g sugar and 11g of fat. This bar is certainly not the lowest in calories we have seen, but we feel such a nice tasting bar just wouldn’t be possible without these added. If you are looking for a great, protein rich alternative to chocolate bars then this really is the one!