Protein Shakes for Women

protein shakes for womenRecently we have been talking to women who are looking for specific protein shakes and whey protein powder tailored around females. Although in the majority of cases females should be looking for the exact same features in their protein as men, there are recommendations for certain shakes and powders which are more suitable for the “average women”. Many of the best sports nutrition companies we feature on this site have come up with their top recommendations of protein powders which are seen as most suitable for the ladies, which we will provide you with a bit later on in this article.

When looking for protein shakes online it is hard to disassociate from the image of gigantic men with bulging muscles and massive gains in weight. Taking protein will not make you manlier or make you gain hundreds of pounds. Taking any protein supplement can be tailored to your own training and calorie intake whether you are a man or woman. One difference may be that in general women may be better off consuming less protein per day than your average man. But this is just based on the assumption that women are typically lighter than men. Man or Woman, your protein intake and usage needs to be tailored around your own specific body and goals!

You may be looking for protein shakes for women because you feel you are not meeting your protein requirements throughout the day. Taking shakes after a workout or exercise can really help with lean muscle building and keeping in shape. The great thing about protein shakes or smoothies is that you can carry a bottle or powder with you no matter where you are and can probably even fit in your handbag!

Buying the right powder can be daunting with so many different products and flavours on offer from different retailers. We have listed some of the best places to buy from and linked specifically to the product pages that are best suited to the ladies!

Myprotein Women’s Range

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As one of the leading sports nutrition suppliers in the UK, Myprotein helps bring the best shakes and powders containing unique sets of properties which make them ideal for use by women. Myprotein are also well known for their highly diverse range of flavours!

The Protein Works Women’s Range

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This leading sports nutrition shop has created a page displaying their best 5 protein supplements for women. No matter what your goal you are sure to find the perfect supplement here.

GoNutrition Women’s Range

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Another leading supplier of protein, GoNutrition have created a handy page and table with suggestions of which supplements and protein shakes in their range work well for women.

Protein Lifestyle Women’s Range

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A fantastic range of products which are aimed towards women’s fitness and nutrition. They recognise the importance of combining certain products so that women can get the most out of protein and supplements.