• Protein Dynamix Dynabar Review

    The Dynabar from Protein Dynamix has to be one of the best protein bars we have recently had the pleasure of trying. With many protein bars you come to expect the usual protein taste and hard to chew texture, but we found with this bar that it actually tastes like a really decent chocolate bar! […]

  • myprotein hurricane xs

    Myprotein Hurricane XS Review

    Hurricane XS is an “all in one” supplement from Myprotein. For those that are in need of a combination of your daily essentials all mixed into a protein shake, then this really does the job! It contains all your protein, carbs (dextrose and instantOats), creatine and glutamine which make it the ideal solution for those […]

  • myprotein impact whey protein

    Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Review

    When it comes to Protein supplements Myprotein have long been the leaders of the market, which is helped by their flagship product Impact Whey Protein, which at the time of writing is actually UK’s #1 Premium Whey Protein. If you are looking for great quality, great tasting whey protein at an affordable price then this […]

  • optimum nutrition gold standard 100 whey

    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Review

    This 100% whey protein has become one of the most popular products currently on the market. It has been around for many years and has long been seen as the industry standard of whey protein. It provides amazing results and can be purchased from many of the leading sports nutrition stores online at a reasonable […]

  • mutant mass

    Mutant Mass Review

    Mutant Mass is the leading product on the market when it comes to gaining power, size and serious strength. Aimed at those looking to gain heaps of lean muscle in a short period of time, this formula is designed to aid those who are hitting it hard either in the gym or as athletes. Building […]