Vegan Protein Powder

It can often be difficult finding protein powder and shakes that are suitable for Vegans. The selection is far more limited, but the good news is that many of the leading protein stores do have specially created protein for you!

Using different products such as Soy protein, Hemp and Pea protein you are still able to have the same high quality products that other body builders and athletes are using with the very same end results!

vegan protein powderThe majority of consumers are using milk derived whey protein and casein made products, but there are far more types out there which are plant based, you can even buy rice protein.

These types of protein powders are crucial to vegans and many vegetarians and allow you to add protein to your work outs and lifestyle. Also many people do not know but many of the plant based proteins do in fact contain amino acids, but just not quite the same amount as what is found in animal sources and dairy products.

Pea Protein Powders

It is quite hard to believe that you can get protein fuel from a pea based product, but this 100% plant based mixture is often made up of yellow peas and stands up to any protein powder! It is naturally cholesterol and fat free and isn’t derived from any animal or dairy products. Not only is it great for Vegans but also those who are lactose intolerant and is also gluten free. Sounds amazing right?!

Although a perfect option it is worth noting that Pea Protein is missing one amino acid, namely cysteine. But for many this is not a biggy! The pea protein mixture is a great protein powder which will help you achieve your goals in a natural way without an animal in site!

Brown Rice Protein Powders

Did you ever think you would be taking brown rice protein after a work out? Thought not! Amazingly though this is a great option for Vegans and works really well as an alternative to your usual whey protein. Rice protein is also gluten free and safe for all those with gluten related allergies as well as the Vegan market.

Brown Rice Protein is unfortunately quite low when it comes to some of the amino acids including lysine. If you were to rely on brown rice protein as your only source of protein then it probably won’t work out to well, but using alongside other plant based proteins which contain more amino acids is a great way to top up your protein levels throughout the day and after a workout!

Soy Protein Powders

Soy protein contains all your usual plant based protein but with all essential amino acids also included in the mix! This type of protein lives up to the standard types of non-Vegan protein and research has shown that it works just as well at stimulating muscle growth after your workouts and sessions. Soy is also just an all-round good supplement to introduce into your diet with some studies showing that the isoflavones compound in soy may also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Hemp Protein Powders

Made from hemp, a supplement of course of cannabis… Far out man! If you are not aware hemp contains very little THC (Which is the part of cannabis that makes people high), making this product totally safe and legal to use without any side effects or worries. Hemp seeds actually provide more than just protein. It contains a high content of omega 3 and omega 6 and is known for being highly digestible making it perfect for some users with digestion problems.

Where to Buy?

There are many fantastic protein suppliers online that specially cater for all Vegan needs!

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