Mutant Mass Review

mutant massMutant Mass is the leading product on the market when it comes to gaining power, size and serious strength. Aimed at those looking to gain heaps of lean muscle in a short period of time, this formula is designed to aid those who are hitting it hard either in the gym or as athletes. Building the correct strength and muscle mass requires the correct mix of protein to help aid the expansion of muscle tissue and repair it faster. It also helps if the mixture is actually tasty to drink and consume.

So PVL Mutant Mass is advertised as a hardcore weight and muscle gainer which also tastes good, we look to see if it lives up to the hype and really does boost calories as much as it claims. Many body builders rave about this product and what you can achieve using it, so let’s look at why it’s getting so much attention in the sports supplements world!

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So what is Mutant Mass like to use?

We have enjoyed trying out this product. It lives up to what it claims and is a great weight gaining supplement for both men and women. The flavours it is available in are great and the ingredients are just right for the majority of users. It can easily be added into anyone’s daily routine with minimal fuss and makes for a great milkshake or smoothie.

If you are wanting to get the most calories from this product then it can require 4 scoops, which many people will find difficult to use in one go, but even just 1 or 2 scoops will really help with your muscle mass and weight. We reckon that you should split it up throughout the day to try and get your daily serving maxed out.

Mutant Mass is pretty thick when mixed so it would probably help to take your time mixing it. We used a smoothie blender which made the consistency far better than shaking the powder mixture.


This product is well known for packing in the calories and it claims a huge 1,060 per serving. In reality that is based on 4 scoops per serving (260 per scoop), so your serving may really vary depending on how much of the powder you want to mix in with your smoothie or shake.

Each 4 scoop serving contains 176g of clean carbs, 52g of protein and 18g of fat.

The powder contains protein from a range of different sources and is largely whey based with concentrates and isolates, micellar casein, milk and egg white albumen. The carbohydrates in Mutant Mass are mostly made from waxy maize, maltodextrin and whole oat and soy, fibre and barley starch. Great for those looking for clean carbs! This product also contains MCTs from coconut oil and Glutamine peptides derived from wheat.

Incase you are gluten intolerant or celiac it is worth noting that this product does contain gluten so may not be the perfect solution in this case!

How Does it Taste?

When it comes to the taste, it really does live up to the claims. Coming in a range of different flavours including Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla and Chocolate Hazelnut, there really is a taste to suit everyone. We tried the Cookies and Cream version which works great as a shake, but for those not too sure plain Chocolate is always a good option to start off with!

There is a nice rich thick texture which makes for a great milkshake and you don’t get much after taste which is expected with the majority of protein shakes. The product itself is quite sweet alone, so it can work well with water but with milk the taste is just that tad nicer! If you are looking to create a smoothie with juices it is probably best to go easy on sweet juices as Mutant Mass already is pretty sweet as standard and it can become a bit overpowering.

Where to Buy?

Monster Supplements is one of the leading suppliers of Mutant Mass in the UK. They currently stock 2 varients of this product in a smaller and larger size, Mutant Mass 5lb and Mutant Mass 15lb (6.8kg) which are both highly reduced from the RRP. The 15lb version is currently double the price of the 5lb bag so if you can afford the larger back it is certainly worth the extra spend. They also have a range of Mutant accessories and other Mutant products available to buy at the same time!